Hendrik Steenbakkers

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Hendrik Steenbakkers

The foundations for the FueraDentro collection were first laid by Hendrik Steenbakkers (né1946) with his combination of stainless steel and Belgian bluestone tables.

A long career in fashion and industrial design has been decisive for his sober Dutch, no-nonsense design and vision. Clear shapes, devoid of ornamental detail, but where comfort always plays an obvious role, have come to characterize his work.

The product is a technical challenge, a competition between convenience and technology. The result should be an object to suit any environment.

Luxury outdoor furniture: CIMA collection

Designed by Hendrik Steenbakkers, CIMA collection is an outdoor furniture line with sober-looking no-nonsense design.

This collection is a complete collection of simplistically designed, striking yet minimalist outdoor furniture. Because of the minimalistic design, with the rectangular shapes, the furniture has a very spatial appearance.

The whole CIMA collection consists of several tables, chairs, a footrest, planters and a sunbed.

The seats of the chairs, footrest and sunbed are produced in Batyline, and the tabletops are made of glass, teak or Belgian bluestone.

CIMA lounge collection

Based around this same design, but with extra attention to comfort and relaxation is the CIMA Lounge collection.

The characteristic rectangular shape, made of stainless steel and Batyline, makes this outdoor furniture design a real eye-catcher.

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