FueraDentro Taburete Tabouret de bar, Collection CIMA

Contemporary barstool

Part of the Cima Collection, an extensive range of modern design garden furniture, the Taburete designer barstool are pure, minimalist and architectural in design and available in a range of contemporary colours. The thin high grade brushed stainless steel frame give these exterior/interior garden chairs an ultra-modern look and when used with a Nimio bartable, offer a stunning, minimalist outdoor dining solution.

Designed by European designer Hendrik Steenbakkers, Cima patio furniture are built to a very high quality from the highest quality materials, which exceed standards for durability and are great for entertaining family and friends all year round both indoors and outdoors. The seat of the Taburete outdoor barstool is made of Batyline® fabric, which is UV, mildew and stain resistant and has a comfortable spring to it. The stainless steel elements to the furniture are optionally available in an electro polished finish. This provides optimum durability and resistance to even the harshest of marine environments.

Stainless Steel:

Brushed or Electro-polished


Black / White / Cendre



La Batyline® se compose de fibres polyester tissées, protégées par un revêtement en PVC. Les fibres sont liées ensemble pour obtenir un matériau d'une solidité remarquable, qui ne craque pas et de ne se déforme pas. Plus


L'acier inoxydable est appelé communément "inox". C'est un alliage de métaux, dont le chrome et le nickel, qui permet de renforcer la résistance à la corrosion. L'objectif est de protéger une surface aux moyens de molécules d'oxyde de chrome et de nickel. Ces molécules sont plus grandes que les molécules de fer, ce qui évite à celui-ci d'être recouvert sous l'effet de l'oxygène,... Plus