The outdoor season has begun: garden trends 2015

22 Juni 2015

After a wonderful spring, the outdoor season has finally started. Watering the plants, snipping, clipping, weeding, mowing the lawn … It’s finally time to get back to work in the garden. In this blog you will find the garden trends of 2015: Unexpected Wild, The Happy Life and Eco Luxe.

Unexpected Wild

Unexpected Wild Garden Trend 2015This trend is about natural and wild. If you like a garden with a wilder look, then this garden trend is perfect for you. This trend gives your garden a natural appearance, untouched while nature takes its own course without any rules.

Plants and flowers grow spontaneously in this garden, dominated by the colors blue, white, green, greenish gray, and blueish gray. It is a trend that uses a lot of basic materials with a natural look such as wood, natural stones, rough concrete or oxidized metal. The garden has a countryside feel where you can enjoy nature as it was meant to.

Eco Luxe

Eco Luxe Garden Trend 2015The trend Eco Luxe is an environmentally friendly and natural, comfortable garden. White blooming flowers go well with this garden trend. The leaves also play an important role. They can be shiny and “hard”-looking or touchable and soft.

The plants in this garden softens the hard lines. This trend is accompanied by materials such as wood, natural stone, and other recycled materials combined with concrete, metal and ceramic.

The Happy Life

Life is a party, and it should be celebrated. Show it in your garden. Combine soft and bright colors together. Mix different plants and flowers. The used materials in this trend are especially practical, sleek, colorful, and surprising. For example, think about a plastic square flower box or bright colored furniture.

Happy life Garden Trend 2015

FueraDentro’s garden furniture

FueraDentro’s outdoor furniture fits again into this year’s trends. Complete your garden with one of our wonderful lounge chairs or fun garden tables. Look at our outdoor furniture collection to get started in your own garden. If you have a question, then we would love to help you.



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