New FueraDentro products at Giardina Exhibition Zurich


At the Giardina Exhibition 2012 in Zurich FueraDentro will have an exclusive stand showcasing new and exciting products.

E-volved Table
Gartenkultur, FueraDentro's Swiss dealer, will host a stand with FueraDentro exclusives. The Cima Banca Lounge sofa made from teak, together with other relatives from the Cima Lounge family. Also on display will be the Shell collection and, the Swiss premiere of the award winning E-volved table by Timothy Schreiber.


Gartenkultur will make your garden into a stage for a lively spectacle, which is aimed at shapes, colors and scents of the season. Our strengths are in the planning and concept development and design of unique gardens. Upstanding quality is natural for us, so we employ people from different professional groups. In addition to our services, we provide great outdoor products of the future:

  • Furniture of Fuera Dentro
  • Unique Japanese maples and other unusual plants
  • Outdoor rugs by Freek
  • Silver Garden Planters
  • White stone from Croatia
  • Wooden grid of bamboo wood, bamboo blinds

We look forward to your visit!



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