Timothy Schreiber & Jenny E. Balisle


PHILADELPHIA - In the main space, Wexler Gallery is proud to present new works by German-born designer Timothy Schreiber and California based painter Jenny E. Balisle. The show will run from October 4th through November 30th, 2013. An opening reception will take place on First Friday, October 4th from 5 – 8pm.

Jenny E. Balisle’s abstract paintings are conceptually linked to the artist’s interest in dichotomous relationships, exploring connections between the simple and complex; beautiful and grotesque; micro and macro; natural and man-made.  This interest in opposing forces also correlates to her process, as she works ambidextrously, “engaging both hands in an attempt to unify the obsessive and intentional marks made by her right hand with the open and lyrical tendencies of her left.”  Topographical in nature, Balisle’s richly textured surfaces are created by layering multiple solvents and mediums, which vary in opacity and consistency.  With a process inspired by “the progression from disorientation to clarity,” the artist aims to explore and alter the line while mimicking visual occurrences in the natural world.

Balisle earned a BA in Art and Communication from University of Wisconsin and an MFA from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. She has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows across the United States, highlights include A Book About Death, Museum Brasileiro, Sao Paulo, Brasil, (2010), Paperworks!, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Novato, CA (2008), Gallery 555, Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, CA, (2008), and Errata and Contradiction, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, (2004).  Her work has also been featured in national publications such as American Art Collector, Sculptural Pursuits Magazine, and ZYZZYVA journal. Balisle currently works as an artist, curator, advocate and MFA instructor/advisor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco,CA.

Timothy Schreiber’s designs are “the outcome of his ambition to delve into and challenge boundaries between architecture, digital design, manufacturing methods and social/ environmental sustainability.”  Schreiber creates one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces inspired by forms and patterns found in natural world, as well as the study of microscopic cell structures. Using new technologies, processes, and materials, the designer creates functional objects that are highly sculptural in nature.  Simultaneously organic and geometric in aesthetic, his sleek fluid forms often bare highly polished surfaces, a result of seamless production techniques.

Schreiber earned a degree in Architecture and Design at Bauhaus University, Germany and Westminster University in London.  His award-winning body of work includes the iconic Morphogenesis chaise and the artificial intelligence “Universal Table Generator,” which received the coveted Red-Dot Design Award and has resulted in the “e-volved” table now produced by Dutch high-end manufacturer FueraDentro. The designer has also worked with many of today’s leading architectural practices and has collaborated with high-profile companies across Europe,Australia and Asia.  Highlighted projects include the 2008 Beijing Olympics’ Water Cube, also officially known as the National Aquatics Center.  In 2005, Schreiber founded his own studio in London focusing on furniture and object design.  Currently, he lives and works in Shanghai, China.

Fascinated by the notion of challenging the traditional labels that categorize art, Wexler Gallery exhibits work that can coexist in the worlds of design, fine art, decorative art and craft. By questioning and challenging the boundaries of these fields, we aim to present functional and non-functional work that consistently celebrates innovation. Unified by a commitment to excellent craftsmanship and true dedication to their art, we are proud to showcase some of the world’s most esteemed artists working in their areas of pursuit.

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