Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is commonly known as rust-free steel (RFS) or Inox. This is a ferrous alloy that increases the corrosion resistance of a substance by the addition of chrome and nickel. The principle is based on protecting the surface area by means of chrome-oxide and nickel-oxide molecules. These molecules are much larger than the underlying iron molecules, which prevents the latter from binding with oxygen and forming iron oxides – better known as rust.

Whether placed outdoor or indoor, in your garden, patio, living room, dining room or office, you want your precious furniture to remain in mint condition. While top quality Inox is almost maintenance free, this page describes how to properly handle your furniture.

In order to obtain a chrome-oxide and nickel-oxide surface that is of a high grade purity and homogeneity, thus achieving optimal corrosion resistance, the frames are etched and subjected to a passivating process as a standard treatment. Chlorine is RFS' greatest enemy and can cause a type of corrosion that is known as "pitting". For that reason, it is recommended that in locations near the seacoast - since sea salt is sodium chloride - the metal be given a surface made as smooth as possible in order to increase its resistance to corrosion even further. The smoother the surface, the less porous it is. The lower the porosity, the lower the possibility of dirt deposits accumulating on the metal surface, and thus the lower the risk of corrosion. For that reason, we recommend the optional electro-polishing treatment of the item's frame if it is to be used in a corrosive environment.



Since stainless steel is not impervious to corrosion, it is recommended that the item be cleaned regularly with water and mild soap. This treatment will minimise the contamination of the surface areas, as well as the risk of contamination of the surface with iron particles, also referred to as "suspended rust".

INOX Cleaner

An acid solution for a thorough chemical cleaning of the surface areas. Removes stubborn stains as well as rust stains caused by iron contamination. Apply only in case of severe stains. Apply and allow it to soak in for some time, then rinse abundantly with clean water.

Avoid all contact with skin and eyes! Extra protection is needed when used. Protect your surroundings and the environment! Make sure to use a protective covering for the ground, so as not to ruin your terrace, or to allow the acid solution to seep into the ground.

INOX Protector

A light oil that protects and cleans.

Used to prevent finger stains and other superficial surface blemishes.