The outside edge: interior design heads outdoors - Financial Times

17 april 2012

Patio and garden furniture embraces hight-tech materials and cool configurations.
April 17 2012 Charlotte Adams.

The gardens of Europe's most fashion-forward folk are changing. The outdoor furniture and lighting collections currently arriving on the smartest shop floors signal that outdoor spaces are giving way to open-air sitting rooms, complete with fully upholstered chairs, sofas, standard lamps and even rugs. "The glass walled extension that open out on the garden is now ubiquitous," explains garden designer Lizzie Taylor(...)

It is the development of attractive, highly durable, waterproof materials (...) that has made this trend possible. Back in the 1930's, Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand could only have dreamt of taking their designs outdoors, since even stainless steel was unavailable. Today furniture companies have access not only to corrosion-proof metals but also, more importantly, to high-tech fibres such as Batyline, by a Ferrari Group company. Its woven polyester fibre with a PVC coating has been used by Dutch design house FueraDentro to create the chicly understated CIMA Lounge collection of upholstered chairs en sofa's (...)


FueraDentro's modular Lounge Configuration is also  featured in the article in How To Spend It, Financlial Times' award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine.

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