Audi's Research & Development


Audi's Research and Development facilities at Ingolstadt, Germany

4,236 employees work in Technical Development, which covers an area of 127,400 square metres: about one-third of these are industrial workers and around two-thirds are salaried employees, with 61 percent of these being engineers. The engineer workplaces cover an area of just under 50,000 square metres. More than 42,000 square metres are occupied by workshops, and at least 35,000 square metres are taken up by test rigs.

The Electronics Centre was opened in 2003. This transparent, open-plan building concept comprising office, laboratory and workshop areas is where all sections of the company dealing with electronics come together. The seven-stores, terrace-shaped building complex provides working space for 750 employees from the areas of Electronics Development, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Production Preparation, Service and Controlling. The Electronics Centre houses a total of six measuring and testing facilities for vehicles, e.g. a climatic test centre for weather and road simulations, a light tunnel, an MMI laboratory (Multi Media Interface) and a sound laboratory for the development of hifi concepts. In addition, there are various testing facilities for networked electronic components.




Ingolstadt - Germany