Choosing luxury outdoor furniture

24 Juni 2015

There is nothing better during the summer then to enjoy your garden and your outdoor furniture. Does your outdoor furniture need a change? There is now a plethora of choice when it comes to outdoor furniture. To help you, here are some tips.

Doble with teak table top

Choosing materials

When buying new outdoor furniture, you have to choose between different kinds of materials. Each material has its properties, benefits and maintenance requirements. FueraDentro offers an assortment of luxurious outdoor furniture:


Batyline is a synthetic material. It is weather-proof, uv-resistant, color-fade resistant and 100% recyclable. It is easy to maintain by simply cleaning with water and a sponge. Baytline give a soft and exclusive comfortable seating.


Teak is a type of wood that comes from the Tectona Grandis tree. Because of its size and its high content in natural oils, this wood is known for its durability. The limited absorption of moisture protects the wood from warping and thus gives the wood an enormous stability. In view of its high resistance, Teak does not require a lot of additional protective measures and can be molded to fit your own taste.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel, commonly known as rust-free steel (RFS), is used a lot. It is a strong and durable material. RFS outdoor furniture has a luxurious and modern look. It is important that such outdoor furniture is frequently washed with water and light soap.

Easyly movable Shell Sunbed sunlounger

Comfortable seating

The appearance of furniture is important, but comfortable seating is far more important. Pay attention that the furniture you are looking at doesn’t have a too narrow, low or deep seating. Try out FueraDentro’s luxurious furniture at one of our dealers.


You are probably looking at outdoor furniture with the idea to set it in your garden and not have to move it. However, it would be wise to choose furniture that is easily movable so that you are not stuck with one design in your garden. Keep the weight of the material in mind.

Garden cushions

Weather changes. We advise you to choose all-weather garden cushions. These are water-proof and dirt repellent, and provided of a particular coating, it will not get warm in the sun.

The right garden furniture

It’s important to think about the type of outdoor furniture you would like to buy. Look at our array of luxurious outdoor furniture. We have different types of garden furniture made with different types of materials.
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