FueraDentro Esquina Lounge Section d’angle, Collection CIMA LOUNGE

Esquina Lounge – an innovative designed modular corner element

The Esquina Lounge, designed by Hendrik Steenbakkers, is the modular corner component of the Lounge collection, a range of garden and patio lounge furniture. With this modular lounge system an unlimited number of arrangements can be designed, including L-shaped or U-shaped configurations, which will look stunning by the pool or at the patio.

An example of the innovative design that makes this modular outdoor lounge furniture range so special is the ergonomic seating of the Esquina Lounge corner module. In contrary to most other outdoor lounge sets, which have a horizontal seat, the seating surface of the Lounge collection is slightly tilted to the back. One can spend hours and hours in this modern outdoor living furniture in total comfort and enjoy the surroundings of the patio or garden with family or friends.

Create your personalized outdoor lounge set

The seat elements, single or double seated, connect directly to the Esquina Lounge corner unit. The seat modules can be extended by the use of the Connector component, which makes it possible to connect an unlimited number of seats. Additional to this seating area one can add a Piecera Lounge footrest or a Siesta Lounge sunlounger to create an outdoor lounge setting that makes the feeling of relaxation complete.

To complement the luxurious lounge set five different sized lounge tables are available. All Lounge collection modules can be combined at will, thus creating a multitude of lounge environments. In all settings the minimalist lines and slim design with extreme comfort remain preserved.

To adapt this designer outdoor furniture set to your personal likings one can choose for the frame elements between a stainless steel, a powder coated stainless steel and a teak version. To give the arrangement a unique appearance four different style cushions are available.

Stainless Steel:

Brushed, Electro-polished or powdercoated


Black / White / Cendre


La Batyline® se compose de fibres polyester tissées, protégées par un revêtement en PVC. Les fibres sont liées ensemble pour obtenir un matériau d'une solidité remarquable, qui ne craque pas et de ne se déforme pas. Plus


L'acier inoxydable est appelé communément "inox". C'est un alliage de métaux, dont le chrome et le nickel, qui permet de renforcer la résistance à la corrosion. L'objectif est de protéger une surface aux moyens de molécules d'oxyde de chrome et de nickel. Ces molécules sont plus grandes que les molécules de fer, ce qui évite à celui-ci d'être recouvert sous l'effet de l'oxygène,... Plus