Isn’t she the sweetest thing you ever saw ? - WOW*


To avoid all confusion: by her we mean the FueraDentro ‘Cima Siësta’ lounger as part of the Cima Lounge collection, designed by Hendrik Steenbakkers, a range of sober-looking no-nonsense designs with an extra focus on comfort and relaxation.

Clear shapes, free of ornamental details, make these outdoor design furniture real eye-catchers. The CIMA LOUNGE collection is a complete collection of simplistically designed, striking yet minimalist outdoor furniture. Because of the minimalistic design, with the rectangular shapes, this has a very spatial appearance.

Cima Siësta Lounger:  Stainless steel & Batyline, 210x91x33 cm in cendre / black / white The CIMA LOUNGE collection is made from of stainless steel, Batyline® and glass. All materials are 100% recyclable.


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