Déjà-vu: an exhibition about design affiliations


If an object is not innovative, in theory, it’s not design. How is it then that on first seeing design objects, we often ask ourselves: “Hey, is that new, haven’t I seen this before?”

In daily speech we use the term déjà-vu loosely for things that we have already seen. But the scientiffically more accepted explanation is that a sense of déjà-vu is caused by misperception.

Objects that independently could easily trigger a déjà-vu are deliberately juxtaposed in the exhibition Interieur 2012, for example the E-volved table (2007) vs Branch table (2012). Their physical proximity allows us to put any vaque impression to the test. Have our attitudes to concepts like copy-paste, originality and innovation fundamentally changed lately? Is there paradigm shift? This exhibition would like to open the debate.

Déjà-vu: an exhibition about design affiliations
Kortrijk Xpo: Hall 6.
Commissaires: Chris Meplon, Moniek E. Bucquoye

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