Déjà-vu: an exhibition about design affiliations

22 oktober 2012

If an object is not innovative, in theory, it’s not design. How is it then that on first seeing design objects, we often ask ourselves: “Hey, is that new, haven’t I seen this before?”

In daily speech we use the term déjà-vu loosely for things that we have already seen. But the scientiffically more accepted explanation is that a sense of déjà-vu is caused by misperception.

Objects that independently could easily trigger a déjà-vu are deliberately juxtaposed in the exhibition Interieur 2012, for example the E-volved table (2007) vs Branch table (2012). Their physical proximity allows us to put any vaque impression to the test. Have our attitudes to concepts like copy-paste, originality and innovation fundamentally changed lately? Is there paradigm shift? This exhibition would like to open the debate.

Déjà-vu: an exhibition about design affiliations
Kortrijk Xpo: Hall 6.
Commissaires: Chris Meplon, Moniek E. Bucquoye

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