How to choose pillows for your garden

14 augustus 2015

Many people make the mistake to only concentrate on the interior design. On warm summer days, during barbecues with family or friends are the garden, porch or patio the perfect places to relax. It is a shame to not fully use the outside spaces, especially because there are so many different ways to use them.

If you are planning to design a part of your garden, is only buying outdoor furniture not enough. You should buy accessories as well to accentuate your chairs. Pillows are not only used indoors. Decorative pillows can complement your backyard well. Some are even designed to be used outside so that the style and material differ from a pillow for the living room.

Let the pillows be combined with the use of the garden

The type of pillow depends on the type of furniture you use. If you have a lounge set, then it is a good idea to have a big number of pillows. If you chose a small dining table, then a pillow per chair might be a better idea to make it more comfortable. If you have a hammock or a swing set, then a couple of pillows will make it cozier.

Make sure that the materials are sustainable and comfortable

Outdoor furniture are obviously more exposed to the weather. That is also the reason why the material differs between pillows made for inside or outside. For example, 100% acrylic fiber will only start to discolor after 2000 hours of direct sunlight. This is why it is often used for outside pillows.

Choose a classic theme

People change their outside accessories less often than their bedroom accessories, so when choosing a theme for your outside furniture, make sure you chose one that you will not get tired of. Choose stylish and simple pillows and keep the flower patterns and satin for inside. No matter what theme you chose, make sure it goes together with your preferences. Choosing the right look for your garden is important because it’s an extension of your interior. With the right decoration will you maybe be seduced to spend more time outside.

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