FueraDentro Shell Rocking Chair Teak Chair, SHELL Collection

Contemporary retro design outdoor chair

The Shell Chair outdoor dining chair is characterized by the rounded 'Shell' shaped seats. Like a bucket seat this gives the seating elements an encapsulating, comforting and sheltered feel, whether you sit on the patio in the garden surrounding your own home or on a nice terrace at a restaurant viewing the ocean. Being part of the Shell collection, an exclusive outdoor furniture range designed by Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie, these chairs are luxury modern European design with a retro feel.

Exceptional durability and easy to maintain

The hand woven coaxial structured seats of this patio and garden furniture collection are made using a Batyline fiber, a modern version of resin wicker with all the same properties, advantages and qualities of Batyline fabric, which is functional, hard wearing and UV resistant. The Batyline fiber from world leader Ferrari, guarantees optimal comfort, a lasting high tension and an excellent resistance to tearing and UV-rays. The frame of this contemporary designer outdoor chair is made of electro polished stainless steel. High grade stainless steel and Batyline fiber are modern materials with exceptional durability and are both easy to maintain, weather-resistant and recyclable. This combination of materials makes the Shell garden furniture collection ideal for outdoor use.

Outdoor dining solution with a bistro look

The combination of subdued colours (black, white and cendre), round shapes and water-resistant materials gives this range of modern outdoor furniture a unique appearance on the patio or in the veranda. If this garden dining armchair is used in combination with the Shell Dining 100 outdoor table it creates a bistro like dining solution. With a design reminiscent of mid-20th century styles it is a classic outdoor dining solution.

For its appearance, its comfort and quality the Shell Chair is a popular patio dining chair for designer hotels and restaurants. The cushions are available in a range of different colours allowing the user to further personalize the furniture. The Shell Collection patio furniture series is ideal for both large contract installations as well as small residential projects.




Black / White / Cendre

Shell Rocking Chair Teak

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Batyline is a woven polyester fibre protected by a PVC coating. The fibres are then bundled together in order to obtain an exceptionally solid fibrous substance that is permanent, resistant to stretching, and immune to cracking. More


Teak wood is produced by the Tectona Grandis, a tree that under favourable conditions can attain a height of up to 45 m, with a trunk diameter up to 2.4 meters. The wood’s renowned durability is due to its high content of natural oils. More