FueraDentro Shell Sofa Sofa, SHELL Collection

Exclusive, modern retro design outdoor lounge sofa

Because of their bulk, garden sofas generally are found in yards or on terraces of significant size. Often combined with a coffee table, they help create a living room-like atmosphere outdoors. For those who do not have the luxury of a large outdoor space, but would love to create a nice and comfortable lounge area, the luxury outdoor furniture of the Shell Collection offer the perfect solution.

The overall form of the sofa is an essential characteristic. In a small outdoor area or balcony a sofa of modest size with simple lines and a low back will be the best solution. The contemporary Shell Sofa is characterized by its clean, geometric lines and rounded shape of the hand-woven seating. Comfort is another important factor. Sink down into this high-quality garden furniture and feel all your tensions melt away.

Unmatched comfort: beautiful and comfortable?

Part of the Shell collection, an exclusive outdoor furniture range designed by Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie, these sofas have a retro style, reminiscent of mid-20th century styles. The hand woven rounded seating elements gives a sense of shelter and comfort. Because of its stunning appearance and its unmatched comfort the Shell Sofa is perfect to be used as a standalone deluxe garden bench, but also to be combined with the easy chairs and low tables of this outdoor design furniture range and this way create a cosy lounge area that complements the surroundings.

The Shell Collection luxury outdoor patio furniture is ideal project furniture for hotels and restaurants. The bucket seats of the Shell Collection outdoor chairs are made of a hand woven coaxial structured Batyline fibre that is functional, hard wearing, UV resistant and low maintenance. The Batyline fibre, which is produced by world leader Ferrari, offers a lasting high tension and an optimal comfort, an excellent resistance to tearing and UV-rays. The stainless steel frames of all the Shell Collection luxury outdoor furniture have an electro-polished finish. All materials, Batyline, stainless steel and glass, are 100% recyclable.

Ideal materials for outdoor use

The Shell Collection is available in the colors black, white and cendre, and the high grade stainless steel frames come as standard with an electro polished finish. This not only gives the steel a brilliant shine but also make it even more resilient to even the harshest of marine environments. The Batyline fiber is mold resistant and UV resistant. This combination of materials makes the Shell collection ideal for outdoor use on the terrace or next to the pool. For extra comfort cushions are available in a range of different colors, allowing the user to further personalize the furniture.

Stainless Steel:



Black / White / Cendre


Shell Sofa

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Batyline is a woven polyester fibre protected by a PVC coating. The fibres are then bundled together in order to obtain an exceptionally solid fibrous substance that is permanent, resistant to stretching, and immune to cracking. More

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is commonly known as rust-free steel (RFS) or Inox. This is a ferrous alloy that increases the corrosion resistance of a substance by the addition of chrome and nickel. The principle is based on protecting the surface area by means of chrome-oxide and nickel-oxide molecules. These molecules are much larger than the underlying iron molecules, which prevents the latter from... More