FueraDentro Nimio 200, 260 & 325 Table, CIMA Collection

Contemporary garden dining tables

The design of the Nimio garden tables is modern, clean and aesthetically pleasing. The Nimio tables are available in square (Nimio 140) or rectangular formats. The high grade stainless steel frame gives these garden indoor/outdoor tables an ultra-modern look. The table tops are available in Belgian bluestone or toughened matt glass in black, white or cendre (sand). The Nimio tables are ideal for both modern and more traditional surroundings, due to the timeless simplicity of the architectural design. The Nimio tables are designed by Hendrik Steenbakkers and are often combined with Butaques dining chairs, which perfectly complement the design of the Nimio tables.

The stainless steel elements to the furniture are optionally available in an electro polished finish. This provides optimum durability and resistance to even the harshest of marine environments.

Sizes (LxWxH):  

200/260/325 x 100 x 75 cm


stainless steel  

brushed, electro-polished or powdercoated


black / white / cappuchino


black / white / cendre


black / white / cendre




Belgian bluestone (only for Nimio 200 & 260)


Nimio 200, 260 & 325

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Stainless steel

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