FueraDentro Doble Bench 160 & 240 Bench, CIMA Collection

Contemporary garden bench  

In addition to the great success of the Doble tables, the Doble Bench was added to the Cima Collection in 2011. To perfectly match the Doble tables, these outdoor garden benches are available in different sizes and the seat of the Doble Bench comes in a teak or a Batyline® version. Although the Doble Bench is original designed to be combined with the Doble table, this contemporary garden bench also looks great as a standalone object. For even more comfort a range of Stamskin® or acrylic cushions are available in matching colours.

As part of the Cima Collection and designed by European designer Hendrik Steenbakkers, the Cima Doble Benches are built to a very high quality from the highest quality materials. Attention to detail in the design and production of the Cima range is outstanding; the adjustable stainless steel feet of the Doble Bench, and the etched FueraDentro logo on steel legs, are subtle yet highly attractive features in themselves.

Stainless Steel:

Brushed or Electro-polished


Black / White / Cendre




    Doble Bench 160                             Doble Bench 240

Doble Bench 160 & 240

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