FueraDentro Poltrona Lounge Teak Lounge chair, CIMA LOUNGE Collection

Contemporary teak garden lounge chair

As the trend shifts towards sustainability, teak is returning to the outdoor furniture scene. European designer Hendrik Steenbakkers has created a teak version of the designer classic Poltrona Lounge.

In comparison with the Poltrona Lounge chair the frame of the Poltrona Lounge Teak is a little wider, which gives this teak version of this modern outdoor lounge chair an even more robust appearance. However, the beautiful natural, rich color, and texture of the wood give it a warmer feel, especially in combination with the 'cozy' cushions.

Design your outdoor lounge set to fit your own style

The Poltrona Lounge Teak is part of the modular Lounge collection. With this modular outdoor furniture range one can create a lounge set that meets your specific requirements for your luxurious designer patio lounge set. The seating of this designer patio furniture range is ergonomically and slightly tilted to the back. The entire Lounge collection is available in a teak version.

The optional cushions for these contemporary garden chairs and sofas provide superlative comfort to this luxury outdoor furniture range and can be enjoyed all year round in many contemporary outdoor spaces. The simple clean lines of the Lounge Collection make this a timeless modern design.




Black / White / Cendre

Poltrona Lounge Teak

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Teak wood is produced by the Tectona Grandis, a tree that under favourable conditions can attain a height of up to 45 m, with a trunk diameter up to 2.4 meters. The wood’s renowned durability is due to its high content of natural oils. More


Batyline is a woven polyester fibre protected by a PVC coating. The fibres are then bundled together in order to obtain an exceptionally solid fibrous substance that is permanent, resistant to stretching, and immune to cracking. More