FueraDentro Tabla Lounge Teak 150 & 200 Low table, CIMA LOUNGE Collection

Contemporary teak garden low table

In addition to the stainless steel versions of the Tabla Lounge garden coffee tables, FueraDentro now offers a teak version of these designer low tables. The natural rich color and texture of this quality hard wood give the design outdoor furniture a warm and stylish appearance. The best quality of teak is to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, as well as different temperatures and weather, even untreated. However, the best part of this material is its beauty, which gives the wooden designer lounge set a more exotic look and makes it a real eye-catcher on the patio or in the house. The Tabla Lounge desgner coffee table comes in the sizes 150 and 200. The smaller salon and side table version of this outdoor lounge table is the Mesita Lounge.

Combining teak with contrasting materials and colors

Since the tables in the Lounge collection consist of a frame and a separate table top, you can combine different materials and colors to compose a table to perfectly adjust it to the style you are looking for and to complement the surroundings like the garden, patio or roof terrace where it will be placed. The frame options you can choose from are stainless steel, powder coated stainless steel in several different colors and teak. The table tops are available in colored glass or ceramic and teak. With all these options in materials and colors you can create beautiful contrast within your garden lounge furniture. For example the combination between the warm teak wood and the cool steel creates an attractive contrast, which lends the garden or terrace an contemporary, but charming warmth and turns every moment you spend in your lounging area into a genuine outdoor party. Another stunning contrast is created by combining teak with powder coated steel, or ceramic.

The complete Lounge collection, designed by Dutch designer Hendrik Steenbakkers, combines the same simple clean lines with comfort and is made from high quality materials that exceed standards for durability and resistance to the outdoor elements. With this comprehensive modular outdoor furniture range you can create your favorite arrangement, which supports pure relaxation.

Stainless Steel:

Brushed or Electro-polished


Black / White / Cendre

    Tabla 200 Lounge                                  Tabla 150 Lounge

Installation Manual Tabla 150 Lounge teak

Installation Manual Tabla 200 Lounge teak


Teak wood is produced by the Tectona Grandis, a tree that under favourable conditions can attain a height of up to 45 m, with a trunk diameter up to 2.4 meters. The wood’s renowned durability is due to its high content of natural oils. More


Its resistance to staining and scratching makes glass a highly suitable material for tabletops in outdoor furniture. The glass used in the FueraDentro collection is available in white, cendre (Café latte) and black versions.They have a matt acid-washed finish, which is very scratch- and fingerprint resistant. Only the E-volved table is available with extra clear transparant glass. More