FueraDentro Banca Lounge Sofa, CIMA LOUNGE Collection

Luxurious outdoor lounge sofa

This deluxe sofa, designed by Dutch designer Hendrik Steenbakkers, is part of the Lounge Collection and is pure, minimalist and architectural in design. The rectangular armrests of the Banca Lounge hold the Batyline seat in suspension, which give this designer outdoor sofa an airy look. In contrary to most other outdoor lounge sofas, which have a horizontal seat, the seating of the Banca Lounge is ergonomically and slightly tilted to the back. One can comfortably spend hours in this luxurious outdoor lounge furniture in relaxation and enjoy the surroundings of the garden or terrace.

To enhance comfort a range of cushions are available in regular acrylic fabric, or alternatively Stamskin, which is a synthetic leather, designed for year-round exterior use. One can choose between cushion that match the minimalistic design of this designer outdoor furniture and cushions that have a softer and warmer feel. The ‘cozy’ style cushions made of Tempotest fabric are standard available in four colors.

Extendable designer lounge sofa

To allow the outdoor lounge area to be created even further to your own personal style the modular armrests are available in a stainless steel, a powder coated stainless steel or teak version. Part of this modular Lounge collection is the Lounge Connector. This stainless steel connector allows the seat elements (single or double seat) to be connected to create a seating area with a length that suits your needs. There is no limit to the number of seat elements one can connect, which makes this contemporary lounge sofa also very suitable for use in public spaces.

All products in the Lounge Collection have the same clean geometrical lines and can be combined to form a luxurious modular lounge set, which can be built to suit your own requirements. The stainless steel elements to this high quality furniture are also available in an electro polished finish, which makes it perfectly suitable for marine environments.

Stainless Steel:

Brushed or Electro-polished


Black / White / Cendre

Banca Lounge

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is commonly known as rust-free steel (RFS) or Inox. This is a ferrous alloy that increases the corrosion resistance of a substance by the addition of chrome and nickel. The principle is based on protecting the surface area by means... More


Batyline is a woven polyester fibre protected by a PVC coating. The fibres are then bundled together in order to obtain an exceptionally solid fibrous substance that is permanent, resistant to stretching, and immune to cracking. More


Stamskin® is a fabric particularly suitable for outdoor use. With its unique elasticity and suppleness, this artificial leather offers outstanding seating comfort. More