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Cima Lounge Collection

The Cima Lounge collection, designed by Hendrik Steenbakkers, is a range of modular outdoor lounge furniture, which is pure lounge-style in a contemporary design. The most notable characteristics of the Lounge collection are the minimalistic design, the rectangular shape of the frames with the seemingly floating seating and table tops in between the frames.

Since the introduction in 2008 FueraDentro has expanded this range of designer patio lounge furniture with new models, materials and options to further enhance the possibility to create an outdoor lounging area that fits your personal preferences. It innovates challenges and stays true to the designers vision. The Lounge Collection is more than just style, it’s a contemporary statement.

Cima Lounge Collection modular system

The series of modular lounge furniture consists of 3 seating modules, corresponding footstools, two sunbeds and several salon and side tables. The seat elements are  slightly tilted to the back and ergonomically to enhance comfort and can be combined at will. The stainless steel Lounge connector allows the single and double seat components to be connected to create an extended seating area.

There is no limit to the number of seat elements that can be connected, so for example it is possible to create a 3-seater, a 4-seater or even a 7-seater or a 8-seater. To define the appearance of the designer outdoor lounge set one can choose between different styles of armrests. Whether you are looking for an outdoor furniture set with a natural feel, a modern style or the architectural look, you can opt for teak hard wood, powder coated stainless steel or plain stainless steel armrests.

The several modular components of this outdoor lounge furniture range are secured by a few bolts and easy to install. This way a solid constructed lounge configuration is assured, without the components being able to move relative to each other. All elements used in any combination still produce the sleek minimalist lines which are visually striking and extremely comfortable.

The various elements of the Lounge Collection modular system make it possible to create myriad of configurations, including U-shaped or L-shaped arrangements. To create a personalized lounge setting that complements your outdoor surroundings one can choose for the frame elements between a stainless steel, a powder coated stainless steel or teak version.

Exceptional materials and a dedication to comfort

All materials used for this designer garden furniture are high quality and exceed standards for durability and resistance to the outdoor elements. For the tables, available in five different sizes, the frame options are the same as for seat modules. The table tops for these outdoor designer tables are available in toughened glass, ceramic or teak. In all settings the minimalist lines and slim design with a focus on extreme comfort remain preserved.

With all the different options in material and colors for the modular components this contemporary designer outdoor furniture collection is fully adjustable to your personal style and preferences. The optional upholstery for the Lounge collection provide superlative comfort to this luxurious garden furniture range and give you the opportunity to further personalize your lounging area. In total you can choose between four different styles of cushions which will give the outdoor furnishings a unique appearance. The coordinating cushions are carried out in both Stamskin synthetic leather or 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric (Tempotest).

An innovative design and a dedication to comfort ensure that every patio furniture design feels as good as it looks and is an invitation for a cosy get-together and a real eye-catcher on the terrace or in the house.

Lounge furniture collection

Whether you are looking for lounge sofas, lounge chairs or modular sofas systems for your garden or terrace, you will find what you are looking for in the FueraDentro Lounge collection. Create your favourite arrangement in our comprehensive outdoor lounge collection and fully enjoy your outdoor space.

Explore the Cima Lounge Collection >