FueraDentro E-volved Table Table, E-VOLVED Collection

Modern interior/exterior garden table  

The E-volved table is organic in its composition and looks yet smooth to the touch. The design of this original designer table was conceived from the natural process of "growth". The graceful, fluid design of this round dining table mimics the organic forms of nature as the three table legs grow and branch together to form a solid and stable base on which the transparent table top rests. The extra clear transparent glass allows this unique designer table to be admired from all angles.

The design of the E-volved table, by the German designer Timothy Schreiber, is evocative of natural forms, which results in a truly unique piece of sculptural art. In 2007 Timothy Schreiber won a Red Dot Award for his design of the E-volved table.

An unforgettable statement in any contemporary space.

The E-volved table tops are available in clear or white and black toughened mat glass, in several different size options. The highly polished stainless steel frame gives this indoor/outdoor table an ultra- modern look, and makes an unforgettable statement in any design garden or modern indoor space.


Ø140 / Ø150 h:75cm


stainless steel

hand polished


transparent / black / white


E-volved Table

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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is commonly known as rust-free steel (RFS) or Inox. This is a ferrous alloy that increases the corrosion resistance of a substance by the addition of chrome and nickel. The principle is based on protecting the surface area by means of chrome-oxide and nickel-oxide molecules. These molecules are much larger than the underlying iron molecules, which prevents the latter from... More


Its resistance to staining and scratching makes glass a highly suitable material for tabletops in outdoor furniture. The glass used in the FueraDentro collection is available in white, cendre (Café latte) and black versions.They have a matt acid-washed finish, which is very scratch- and fingerprint resistant. Only the E-volved table is available with extra clear transparant glass. More